Many people may think of what to do with a loan, go to the bank, fill in a few papers, and they will transfer the money. Then we’ll pay you back for a long time. We can still look at it, but it is a good idea to dig a little deeper so that we are not surprised. Let’s do it!

Pre-qualification, calculations

Pre-qualification, calculations

Of course, buying a property is preceded by a lot of calculation. How much money can we spend on credit each month, what size apartment do we need to look at? We recommend that’s why, when the idea arises to buy property now go out and make a pre-qualification (although it is possible not all banks). Here we are examined for income and we will know exactly how long our blanket is worth!

The Credit Review


Once we have the real estate we looked for, we can go to the bank for a loan. Make sure that the paper is properly filled . The contract of sale must be completed in accordance with the bank of your choice. Not to mention the forms. Of course, this procedure can be significantly shortened if we have completed the credit pre-qualification. ?

The conclusion of the contract

The conclusion of the contract

When we get the good news from the bank that we’ve met them, we can start to get a little excited. We’ve already got through the hardest part. When signing a contract, we sign the notarial deed and the loan agreement, and we get one or two tasks that we have to do ourselves.

Compliance with disbursement conditions


Fortunately, here we no longer have to think big, the essentials have already been decided. However, there are two things to do as quickly as possible:

  1. The bank must put a stamp on the real estate ownership sheet. This should be done by the competent Land Registry.
  2. You need to take out a home insurance policy that has to be discounted.

Once we have these, all we have to do is send these documents to our lender and wait for the transfer.

In this article, we briefly went through exactly what major processes we need to go through to get the credit. Of course, as is the case with many small things, you can slip through and lose time and money. Feel free to ask us! We are at your disposal.