A loan despite Credit bureau entry is not only offered by credit intermediaries. A domestic loan or a foreign loan can be used without outside help and additional costs. The article provides more information on credit options despite Credit bureau.

Possible without a credit intermediary?

Possible without a credit intermediary?

Advertising for a loan despite Credit bureau’s entry almost always leads to a credit broker. The additional costs for the service of a credit broker can pay off above all in the convenience. The credit intermediary determines the credit institutions for which the customer can successfully apply for a loan. This is particularly interesting for prospective creditors who, for example, are looking for the cheapest possible loan offer as part of a debt restructuring.

The exact knowledge of the market of the specialists often has a significant impact on interest rates when choosing the right provider. It is rather uninteresting to use a credit broker if there are only a few well-known credit providers. Often, the providers can be found with just a few mouse clicks or by using the right name on Google.

A typical example of this is a loan despite Credit bureau, the negative Credit bureau entry practically excludes all normal loan offers. Only niche providers and the foreign loan remain. 

Despite Credit bureau – private lenders as a credit option

Despite Credit bureau - private lenders as a credit option

In principle, despite Credit bureau, a loan is possible with both portals. Smava sets a clear limit on the required score. At least a scoring value of H must be achieved so that the request for a loan is published despite the Credit bureau entry. This score can be reached, for example, when a Credit bureau entry has been completed.

Best bank does not have quite as clear guidelines. The desire for a loan only has to be in line with an average scoring value. Best bank does not specify what exactly this means.

Nevertheless, both portals draw clear boundaries when it comes to credit without Credit bureau. Without Credit bureau or with an extremely bad Credit bureau, no loan is granted via both portals. There is another special provider for a loan without Credit bureau. In this case, it is a foreign bank that practically all reputable credit brokers refer to in their offers.

Foreign loan despite Credit bureau entry

Foreign loan despite Credit bureau entry

Before the financial crisis, there were various foreign banks that made their loan offer accessible to borrowers from Germany without Credit bureau. The risk-taking credit providers came primarily from today’s crisis countries. These offers have disappeared due to the intervention of Bafin (banking supervision) and the financial crisis. The last offer from a foreign bank came from Switzerland.